10 November 2011

Friday 11.11.11

There's nothing strange about 11.11.11.

don't think too much people..
what will happen? what i have to do if..? is something gonna happen to us on that date?
it just a date.. can you see that? what a BEAUTIFUL date today.so, enjoy your day.. have fun guys!

p/s : harini aku keja.. Tanjung Dawai!! wait for me! yeaaahhh!

it 'all' about the money, money, money..
i 'need' your your money, money, money..

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zey said...

triple eleven. nothing. cuma sapa yang gila nombor tuh,jadi gila 24 jam kot..haha!

next year triple twelve plak..haihh...~

Cik Syafiqah said...

a ah, tau takpa.. bru triple eleven dah kait dgn macam2..
belom lagi triple twelve, kait habis dgn movie satg.. redha je la..